Terms and Conditions

Please go through these terms first before commissioning me to avoid any avoidable issues later:

I. Projects I Will/Won't Accept

What I Can Do What I Can't Do
 Fan art  Machines/Mecha
 Original characters  Chubby/elderly/really buff characters
 Suggestive themes  Hardcore NSFW
 Mild blood and gore  Anthromorphic/Furry characters
 Complex character designs (might incur a fee but just ask me)  Anything remotely illegal (please don't try to get me in trouble)

II. Fees and Refunds

III. Image Rights and Usage

I also reserve the right/s to...

Commission Info

I. Prices and Estimated Time of Delivery

Here's a more detailed list of prices, add-ons, and estimated time of delivery. ETD will vary greatly on how complex your character/s' designs are and how many they are in a single picture.

NOTE: My prices do not change by cropping (portrait, half-body, full-body, etc.), but by complexity. This can be discussed upon opening a job before I finalize the price. Also, the prices have been adjusted to match how long I usually take to finish a piece. These prices are subject to change, but I always post updated price lists when opening commissions.

 Rough Sketch 
USD15.00 base price
USD7.50 per additional character
1-3 days ETD
A rough sketch of your character/s of choice. This is the equivalent of a full body commission in style B for Ko-fi sketches.
 Line Art 
USD25.00 base price
USD12.50 per additional character
1-3 weeks ETD
Ornate line art with a solid or alpha/transparent background. Both will be provided at no additional cost.
USD35.00 base price
USD17.50 per additional character
1 week - 1 month ETD
Detailed line art with flats and some gradients here and there.
USD60.00 base price
USD30.00 per additional character
1 month + ETD
Rendered painted piece with no fancy lighting effects (multiple light sources, etc.).
 Ko-fi Sketches 
Style A (Flat colors) ranges from 2-4 ($6-12)
Style B (Shaded) ranges from 3-5 ($9-15)
Half-price per additional character
1-3 days ETD
Special rough sketch commissions I occasionally offer on my Ko-fi with varying prices depending on cropping and style.


If you're interested, you can reach me through Discord, Twitter or Tumblr. For emails, please send them with the subject Commission Request - [Y/N] at ree.vicerra@gmail.com, where [Y/N] is how you'd like me to address you (Twitter handle, Tumblr username, real name, etc.).

Commission requests are to be sent with the following information:

Contact Me

 Discord (Naizou#8389)


To make things more organized, I've created a public Trello board for all my commissions. Feel free to refer to it for any updates on your commission.